Palm brush (L)


Ideal for backing/mounting or background wash, made of palm fibre; one of oldest painting brushes in China; approx. (W)19cm x (H) 22cm

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This is a good example of hand-made Chinese brushes, which is made from palm ¬†fibre instead of animal hair. Palm fibre is well known as cleaning agent. This type of brush is widely used in rural China from many centuries ago. It’s known as a working class brushes. Nowadays, these produces are rarely seen in the market due to the brush involving a lot of man power. Only a handful of brush makers are producing them.

The character of this type of brushes are soften after it got wet. Ideal for putting paints on the stone wares or placing paste onto paper. It is an important tool for the tradition methods in backing paintings.

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Dimensions 22 x 16 x 1.8 cm


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